Information about Paperound

How it works

How it works

Paperound is a marketplace to find immediate, flexible resource for company tasks. 

Find - Instantly find capable Taskers, and filter by availability and area of work. 

Book - Order the Tasker just for the hours you need them

Get it done - Brief your Tasker using our direct messaging thread and pay directly through the platform only when the task is complete

Tips for having a great Paperound experience. 

Brief well
A tight and clear brief will help both parties achieve their desired outcome. For buyers, make sure the Tasker has all the information they need and are clear on exactly what you want from them. For Taskers, if you are unsure, take the time to ask questions and clarify specifics.

Our instant messaging is a quick way to send links to resources and stay updated with each other during the task. Making sure to communicate often helps track progress and squash any problems before they develop further. 

Break it down
Breaking tasks down into chunks is a great way to stay focused and productive.
Our Taskers are booked by the hour. If it turns out that the task requires more time from the Tasker, just book them again for the extra hours you need. 

Frequently asked questions:

What types of tasks are most suitable for Paperound?

Generally, tasks that can be briefed easily,  but take a while to do. These may be tasks that have some aspect of repetition or perhaps a more manual element to them, where an extra pair of (remote) hands really helps chip away at getting it done.


How do you handle payment?
When you order a Tasker in Paperound we hold the payment while the task is being worked on. Only when the buyer marks the task as complete, will our payment provider release funds to the Tasker.

Note: If a service buyer forgets to mark the task as complete, we automatically release payment 7 days after the Tasker was booked.

What happens if the service provider does not deliver what I asked for?
Buyers have the option to dispute a transaction. In this case, someone from the Paperound team will then investigate the case by reading the message history and by asking both parties to submit their case of argument (which may include evidence of outputs). From there a decision is made to either refund the order, or cancel the dispute and process the transaction.

Do you store financial information on your platform?
Nope. Any payment information you put in goes to straight to our payment provider (Stripe).