Jimmy - University of Leeds

I leverage creativity and technology to connect with clients, manage knowledge and digitalise brands.

I am a diligent and driven individual. After working with several start-ups in business development, digital marketing and project coordination roles, I am now committed to become a full-time freelancer helping entrepreneurs improve their ROI.

Fluent in English and Spanish.
BSc in International Business (1st Class Honours).
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Business Development & Sales:
•Researched and organised leads for a range of clients while working at a digital marketing firm.
•Cold called 150+ prospects on behalf of clients to schedule meetings and update CRM databases.
•Leveraged email automation software including MailChimp and HubSpot to personalise email marketing campaigns for clients.

Knowledge Management:
•Organised digital assets on Google Drive for an e-bike start-up to improve accessibility to media, documents and power links.
•Used Excel to track leads and prospects for several clients based in Leeds.
•Digitalised note-taking and documentation for monitoring of employees during an internship in Mozambique.

Design & Creative Thinking:
•Combined Notion and Buffer to manage the social media for various clients, growing the pages by over 40% MTM.
•Created graphics and templates on Canva for websites and social media posts.
Designed fully functional websites for a range of start-ups by using no-code platforms such as Webflow.
•Participated and won several entrepreneurial competitions involving the design, implementation and presentation of business models within a limited time frame.

Communicating & Presenting:
•Presented a tech-entertainment business project to investors and won the Leeds Start-up Weekend 2019 sponsored by NatWest.
•Drafted and presented a client's start-up, obtaining over £50K from investors and reaching the national final for the Global Student Entrepreneur Competition 2020 in Spain.

Área de tarefas:
Desenvolvimento de negócios
Redação de conteúdo
Atendimento ao Cliente
Pesquisa de mercado
Mídia social
Software development
User Testing
Planilhas do Google
Photoshop / Illustrator
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