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Hello and Welcome,

About Me
My Name is Isaac Asplin and I currently studying a Theological Studies with Philosophy and Ethics Degree @ The University of Manchester. I am 23, mature student, with a wife and 2 children. I am creative, determined and I love people.

Here I aim to help you and your organisation on your journey, wherever that may be, to continue achieving great things!

In my life I have acquired a range of skills, which I hope can assist you. My wife has been in the process of growing and starting a charity over the past 3 years. With this I have learnt a range of skills. In my spare time over the years I have also been actively involved in local churches/ charities and personal endeavours. This has given me the chance to learn new skill.

I like to say "not all who wander are lost"

Experience in:
- Created websites // Life Stream Church
- Created Graphics
- Written and Performed Spoken Words
- Public Speaking
- Leadership sessions
- Event Management
- Competitor Analyse
- Write an approved Constituion
- Create a Business Plan
- Social Media Strategies
- People Skills
- Finances

Proficient in:
- Google Platforms
- WordPress
- Canva
- Powerpoint
- Facebook & Instagram
- Excel

As of all this I have a wide range of skills, in a variety of different sectors, that should be able to help you and your organisation go further.

I am very keen and excited to support and aid you.

Please contact me,
Isaac Asplin

Área de tarefas:
Desenvolvimento de negócios
Redação de conteúdo
Atendimento ao Cliente
Pesquisa de mercado
Mídia social
Software development
User Testing
Planilhas do Google
Photoshop / Illustrator
Segunda-feira de manhã
Tarde de segunda
Terça-feira de manhã
Terça feira à tarde
Manhã de quarta-feira
Tarde de quarta-feira
Manhã de quinta-feira
Quinta à tarde
Sexta-feira de manhã
Sexta a tarde