Sandra - University of Plymouth

I am a freelance digital marketer, content creator and marketing student at University of Plymouth with experience in digital strategy, content marketing, SMM, SEO/Copywriting and driving brand growth.

I have worked with companies like XNomad, Aggregate Industries, The Other Label, Adele Dejak who have praised me for my diligence. I have incorporated my skillset towards
-strategic planning
-content marketing
-blog writing
brand growth hacking & strategy
-digital campaigns
-social media management
projecting 360 multi-channel marketing campaigns

I am also building my own personal branded website as well as being a contributing writer to Reclamation Magazine, Medium and other digital publications and am very knowledgeable of current trends through my experience in various niche markets.

I can offer my knowledge of digital marketing to set you up on brand growth in a saturated market hyper-focusing on brand vision, image and identity through modern, aesthetic-fuelled evaluation, strategy, creation and implementation

I can discuss and consult my ideas, create content for digital platforms, plan a campaign and optimize channels for lead generation and ROI.

As a student that is progressively learning the Marketing field I think this opportunity will aid me in becoming an experienced Digital Marketer in areas that I want to pursue as well as growth hacking your brand in the market. Looking forward to working with your brand.

Task area:
Business Development
Content writing
Customer service
Market research
Social media
Software development
User testing
Software Platforms:
Google sheets
Photoshop / Illustrator
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