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Awesome, Tom is a very efficient and quick worker. Tom has picked up the instructions of the task first time and would definitely recommend.

Heather about listing Tom - University of Bristol 3 months ago.

I asked Tom to do a research task for me and I'm really happy with the information I've received. Tom was more thorough than I asked and provided some in depth information to make it easier for me to find what I need. Spreadsheet well formatted and laid out. Thanks again for your time Tom!

Hannah about listing Tom - University of Bristol 4 months ago.

Tom was very helpful and friendly. Did research prior to our conversation and gave me a lot of notes and research of things to consider which is over and above what I'd initially written in my message so this was hugely appreciated and made the conversation very efficient. I will be sure to use Tom again to support my business as needed. Thanks for your time.

Hannah about listing Tom - University of Bristol 5 months ago.