Gabrielle - University of the West of England

Hello! I’m Gabrielle (Gabbie for short) and I’m going into my final year of Illustrations studying at the University of the West of England. I’ve worked on an array of projects both professionally and academically, ranging from self-development to social issues/impacts. I am passionate, transparent and resilient with an outside the box spark!


Work Experience:

-Branding: I’ve collaborated closely with multiple startups helping/supporting them in creating a bespoke brand that best represents who they are, whether that is starting from scratch to rebranding an already existing company. Taking on the responsibility of creating brand guidelines that encompasses personalised colour palettes and theory, to fonts, compositions and graphic designs.
Lumaki’s brand guidelines:
-Logo Designs: I have a keen eye for design, specifically in creating a well thought out logo. Some past designs I’ve fabricated for companies: EcoFlute Interpac Technology, P.A.V.E Education, an e-commerce site for tungsten and Lumaki.
-Content Creation: I have experience in taking on roles in creating content and templates for businesses to use and repurpose/recycle on their platforms. Ranging from illustrations, graphics, carousel posts, infographics, gifs, ads and animations.
-Co-founder of Lumaki: Am currently running a socially driven digital service that provides opportunities to creatives from diverse communities as part of our workforce, to delivery high-quality digital services to clients around the world.
Website link:

Creative Tools/Softwares

Having an artist background I’ve learnt how to manifest both physical and digital art, becoming very confident in using digital softwares that will enable me to create a valuable and impacting final product.

1. Illustrator
2. Photoshop
3. ProCreate
4. Canva


-Adaptable: Due to my positive character, I tend to welcome change openly and am flexible to any situation. I will collaborate through any challenge!
-Problem-solving: My adaptable nature goes hand-in-hand with my creative thinking, I am able to bring a fresh mind to the table and bring ideas/solutions to help achieve a consensus goal.
-Listening: I practice active listening to enable myself to listen to client needs and feedbacks, so I may implement them and add value to project works.
-Communication: Transparency and clarity are both significant values that builds trust between collaborators/partners and is something I believe in greatly. I practice good communication skills between other parties and I, ensuring everyone’s voices are heard and frequently updating them on progress and important stages.
-Passionate Learner: I am always striving to be a better person than I was yesterday and I see failure as being a key fundament in growth. There may be areas that I may not be so knowledgeable about, however I am resilient and keen to understand and sharpen my knowledge.

If you would like to set up a call with myself to talk more about my skills and myself more, then please don’t hesitate to book a time on this link:

You can also checkout my LinkedIn to see what I’ve been up to!

I’m super excited to be collaborating together with you and I am excited to hear about your work and projects too!

Task Area:
Business development
Content writing
Customer service
Data analysis
Graphic design
Market research
Social media
Software development
UX testing
Video editing
Web design
Software Capabilities:
Google sheets
Photoshop / Illustrator
Industry Interests:
Future Tech
Arts / Culture
Investment / Finance
Health / Wellbeing
Policy / Law
Sports / Outdoors
Startups / Entrepreneurship
Travel / Cuisine
NGOs / Activism
Environment / Sustainability