Elizabeth - University of Edinburgh

My name is Elizabeth and I am a fourth year student of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American studies at the University of Edinburgh. I am an organised and reliable individual with experience in content creation and social media. I have varied work experience and am open to new challenges and opportunities.


  • Languages / translation : I speak advanced Spanish and Portuguese. I also speak intermediate French. I have taken translation courses as part of my degree.

  • Article / blog writing: I am a confident writer with experience from my work with Latin America Bureau. Writing is also a central part of my degree as it is mostly assessed on essays.

  • Social Media: I have experience in social media from running LABs instagram. I am also confident in using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Proof reading / editing: I am able to proof read and edit writing to ensure it is completed to a top standard.

  • Software: I am a proficient user of Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and their Microsoft counterparts.

Work experience

Writer, editor, translator and Instagram for Latin America Bureau (2020 - present)

Latin America Bureau is an organisation that brings the continent's social and political news to the forefront. Over the last two years working for LAB I have developed skills in writing, translating, editing and social media.

  • I wrote an article about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on smallholder coffee farmers. I used knowledge I had gained when I was doing my internship for ECOM and I carried out interviews to strengthen the article. I used my own photographs to illustrate the content. (https://lab.org.uk/nicaragua-coffee-and-covid-19/)

  • I have also edited and translated articles for the organisation, including this article about domestic violence in Mexico during the pandemic. This has developed my translation skills and ability to be selective with information.

  • Additionally, I run the organisations' Instagram account. I have learnt how to be consistent and concise in posts. I am also responsible for promoting projects and events. Such as the ongoing 'Women Resisting Violence' campaign. (https://www.instagram.com/latinamericabureau/)

Internship at Somerstown Legal Advice Corner, London (2021)

  • This internship gave me the opportunity to interact with a variety of people facing different issues. I learnt the importance of organisation and time management in order to maximise the positive impact of an organisation.

Three-month internship with ECOM sustainable coffee business in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, including 2 weeks with NGO La Fundación Nicafrance (2019)

  • My time with ECOM gave me a better understanding of the corporate world and how sustainable practices can be achieved and maintained. I spent time in different departments from marketing to trading. I was taught how to use excel in a corporate setting. I also developed my writing skills by writing up blogs about the company's sustainable work.

Legal and sustainability department of Nestle Nespresso (2017)

  • During my work experience at Nespresso I was introduced to corporate law and sustainability. I was asked to design powerpoint presentations and make meeting notes using google docs. I was introduced to the structure of large companies and the importance of communication within and between departments.

Tutoring younger students

  • I tutor students in English, Spanish and French. This has taught me to be organised, reliable and patient.

Additional Achievements:

  • I achieved 43 points in the IB
  • I am a qualified TEFL teacher (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) This honed my skills in English Grammar. I also learnt how to prepare for lessons and deliver them confidently.
  • I passed the Debate Chamber summer law course
Task Area:
Business development
Content writing
Customer service
Data analysis
Graphic design
Market research
Social media
Software development
UX testing
Video editing
Web design
Software Capabilities:
Google sheets
Photoshop / Illustrator
Industry Interests:
Future Tech
Arts / Culture
Investment / Finance
Health / Wellbeing
Policy / Law
Sports / Outdoors
Startups / Entrepreneurship
Travel / Cuisine
NGOs / Activism
Environment / Sustainability