Creating a marketing campaign for an mobile app

We are seeking a talented copywriter to help create a marketing campaign to get subscribers for the mobile app, Verido.

Verido is a mobile app created to help small businesses profitably price their products and services, record transactions on the go and it automatically generates complete financial statements. Please see more details on
The app is on ios and android app stores. we have a website and social media pages on linkedin, facebook and youtube.

Although the primary market is Africa, the app will work in many other countries - the app is currently in 4 languages with more to be added as subscription increases.

Time Required (Hours or Days): 2-6 weeks
Due Date: 11 May 2022
Briefly describe your task: The initial task is to design a comprehensive marketing plan and the to implement the plan.
Task Area:
Business Development
Content writing
Customer service
Data Analysis
Graphic Design
Market research
Social media
Software development
UX testing
Web Design
Company Website: