Athena - Durham University

My name is Athena Atherton, I am an undergraduate finalist studying History at Durham University. I am a hardworking and capable person. My studies in History have granted me a range of skills that are highly applicable for the professional world. I am well organised, a competent researcher, highly motivated and adhere strictly to deadlines. I am looking forward to gaining a range of experience in order to shape my ambitions for my professional life.


Content writing - I have written articles for a student-run magazine, in addition to the various essays for my degree. Writing and reading are my passions, particularly non-fiction, research based texts. These skills can easily translate to content writing and any sort of research. Equally, these skills are applicable to social media management and content production - article writing enables me to cater to a wide range of different social media accounts, thus facilitating specific and targeted social media production.

Tutoring and piano teaching - I have been a freelance tutor for over a year now, and I was a piano teacher for around two years prior to that. Both experiences have granted me the ability to succinctly condense information into short, concise lessons. I can effectively synthesise large swathes of information and explain it effectively - most of my piano students were between the ages of 4-11, yet I also taught some adults. My tutoring students have largely been of GCSE age. The wide range of ages has granted me a multifaceted toolset of communication, the ability to synthesise data and relay it with little difficulty. Furthermore, I have had to cater each lesson to every students needs, demonstrating my flexibility and communicative skills. These skills are particularly applicable for social media management and customer service.

Law firm internship - A few years ago, I did work experience in Outer Temple Chambers, and a solicitors law firm. I shadowed a QC, inspiring my passion for justice, legality and equ`ality. I also learnt administrative skills in the office such as Excel, filing and office organisation.

Task Area:
Business development
Content writing
Customer service
Data analysis
Graphic design
Market research
Social media
Software development
UX testing
Video editing
Web design
Software Capabilities:
Google sheets
Photoshop / Illustrator
Industry Interests:
Future Tech
Arts / Culture
Investment / Finance
Health / Wellbeing
Policy / Law
Sports / Outdoors
Startups / Entrepreneurship
Travel / Cuisine
NGOs / Activism
Environment / Sustainability