Jess - Brunel University

Hi, I'm Jess and I'm a third year Creative Writing student at Brunel University! I love working with people but also thrive independently. My problem-solving and quick-learning skills are something I pride myself upon highly.

About Me!
- I have regularly written/edited cover letters, CV's and job applications for students, gaining them access to careers and undergraduate degrees.
- I've been running my own Social Media for a long time, including creating content and writing short pieces for it.
- I've been a foster carer for 7 years, having received various training on people's psychological behaviours. This allows me to read people's behavioural patterns well and helps me to work with a variety of people.
- I studied Fashion Marketing for 3 months and learnt a lot about creating work for different target audiences, learning how to market for your demographic, and researching different markets.

- Writing - As a writing student, I complete a lot of fiction and non-fiction work, as well as creating a large amount of blog posts and articles through Paperound tasks.
- Copywriting - I picked up copywriting whilst interning at a Creative Agency, and have now completed a variety of copywriting jobs through Paperound.
- Social Media Management - I regularly create content for social media pages, as well as managing their ad distribution.
- Editing - I've always edited work for peers and colleagues but, during my course and in many of my Paperound jobs, I've been able to edit writing work regularly.
- Customer Service - With 6 years of customer service work behind me, including at management level, I've had a large experience of building professional relationships.
- Administration - I've been a freelance admin assistant for 6 years, building my skills in general administrative tasks.

I love the process of creating work but, most importantly, I'm determined to get you the result you desire. I’m available to be booked during my hours shown!

Upon messaging, I can provide my calendly information.

Task Area:
Business development
Content writing
Customer service
Data analysis
Graphic design
Market research
Social media
Software development
UX testing
Video editing
Web design
Software Capabilities:
Google sheets
Photoshop / Illustrator
Industry Interests:
Future Tech
Arts / Culture
Investment / Finance
Health / Wellbeing
Policy / Law
Sports / Outdoors
Startups / Entrepreneurship
Travel / Cuisine
NGOs / Activism
Environment / Sustainability