Adolfo - University of Leeds

I am a driven and hardworking individual. I like to roll my sleeves up and create value with a positive and proactive attitude. I am charismatic and enjoy building meaningful relationships with people. I am multi-skilled and have the ability to learn and adapt quickly. Sales, marketing and building brands is what I excel at.

Fluent in Spanish and English.

Combined work experience and achievements from different organisations:

Business Development:
• Increased online delivery sales by 50% within the first 2 months through effective digital and traditional marketing for a retail restaurant
• Inputted and analysed sales performance data using MS Excel
• Developed partnerships with other organisations through cold calling and nurtured relationships with leads generated through the website
• Undertook primary and secondary customer research and improved customer experience
• Presented sales pitches and influenced business executives. Successfully brought on board 3 businesses
• Sourced and liaised with warm leads through Linkedin outreach strategies

Creativity, Design, Presenting:
• Created various websites with creative content and branding using Webflow, Carrd, and Canva Pro
• Designed leaflets, posters, email newsletters, icons and infographics
• Created social media content, published in relevant communities and increased engagement for a number of organisations
• Delivered presentations influencing C-level executives to invest in a business development

Data Analysis:
• Inputted and analysed engagement data on the CRM software
• Presented data-driven insights along with ideas to increase customer engagement

Event Management:
• Ran a webinar educating and presenting feedback materials such as competitor analyses and helped the organisation's prospects
• Managed networking events and conferences (both live and online events) with50+ attendees
• Performed public speeches at conferences and networking events
• Coordinated brainstorm sessions with over 20 people solving business challenges

Task area:
Business Development
Content writing
Customer service
Market research
Social media
Software development
User testing
Software Platforms:
Google sheets
Photoshop / Illustrator
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