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Duro responded quickly, clarified the assignment, was clear on deadlines and delivered good work. Would recommend.

Niall about listing Duro - University of Bristol 7 days ago.

Great work as always, and as Duro is getting used to our tone of voice and brand values, I am more and more able to leave the briefer looser for him to work his own creativity in. Makes writing the brief quicker/easier for me, so all good. :-)

Paul about listing Duro - University of Bristol 12 days ago.

Duro has been excellent. So far he has helped to manage our social media and has delivered accurately on my instructions. After only a short time of speaking with each other, I felt confident I could leave him to apply his own discretion to content and structure of posts - and this confidence has been met with good content and activity based on outline brief from me. He is articulate, pleasant and very professional, as well as enthusiastic about the work I have allocated him. Thanks again and good work, I look forward to more of the same!

Paul about listing Duro - University of Bristol 22 days ago.